The Faculty of Health was established under the name of “Faculty of Health and Nutrition” in 1991 by incorporating the departments of Biochemistry and Nutrition of the Faculty of Pharmacy; Health Department of the Faculty of Medicine; and the department of Disease Control and Environmental Health of the Faculty of Paramedical Sciences. The Faculty of Health was located at the building of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Rehabilitation and Dentistry for several years. In 2001, the faculty was relocated to its main building and formally began its educational activities. The Faculty of Health began its research and educational activities in 2012. The school of Nutrition was firstly established as a department inside the School of Health and Nutrition in 1991 following the merging of the departments of Biochemistry and Nutrition from the school of Pharmacy (1974), the department of Health from the school of Medicine (1953) and the departments of Environmental Health and Disease Control (1987) from the school of Paramedical sciences. The school gained its independency and has started its educational activities with independent staff and facilities and its own educational space and laboratories in 2012.

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