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dc.contributor.advisorZamanzadeh, Vahid
dc.contributor.advisorGoljaryan, Sakineh
dc.contributor.authorNasiri, Khadijeh
dc.description.abstractAbstract: Introduction: The progressive increase in elderly population of developed countries has drawn attention to the health needs of them. Sleep disorders can negatively affect the lives in this age group. The non –invasive methods of documentation are required. The present study aimed to examine the effects of reflexology and footbath treatment on sleep quality of the older people. Methods: This was a single –blind clinical trial study. 69 elder people were selected using random sampling method and divided into two experiment (reflexology and footbath) and control groups. The reflexology intervention was introduced to the patients each foot once a week for 10 minutes. The participants of the footbath group were asked to put their feet in 41 -42 0c water before sleeping for 6 weeks. The control group did not receive the intervention. The co –researcher completed the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index before and after the intervention in all 3 groups. The data was analyzed SPSS13. Results: Findings showed that both interventions improved the score of sleep quality index in elderly. There also was significant difference (p=0.01) between the total score of the three study groups and changes in sleep quality scores of the second and third components of the questionnaire: sleep latency (p=0.03) and sleep duration (p=0.009). Conclusion: According to the study results reflexology and footbath treatment are quality in older adults. In this study, the researchers had limited access to the elder recommended that future research be conducted in a higher number of health centers.en_US
dc.publisherTabriz University of Medical Sciences, School of Nursing and Midwiferyen_US
dc.subjectKeywords: Reflexology, Footbath, Sleep quality, Elderly people.en_US
dc.titleComparison of the Effects of Reflexology and Footbath on Sleep Quality of Elder Adults: A Randomized Clinical Trial.en_US
dc.contributor.supervisorSeyyed Rasouli, Aleheh
dc.contributor.supervisorValizadeh, Leila
dc.contributor.departmentNursing: Medical-Surgicalen_US
dc.description.disciplineNursing Educationen_US
dc.description.degreeM.Sc degreeen_US

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