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dc.contributor.authorPari, Hamed
dc.description.abstractClinical education is an ideal opportunity to demonstrate patient examination, communication skills and a holistic approach to patient care. Therefore, considering the high importance of clinical education in the future performance of medical students and the fact that social and family medicine and neurology departments are the most important educational departments during externships and internships, this study examines the compliance of some clinical education standards in social and family medicine and neurology departments addressed for medical externship and internship students. Methods and Materials: In this cross-sectional study, all externs and interns of social and family medicine and neurology departments were invited for three consecutive months and all professors of social and family and neurology departments were invited to complete the relevant checklists if they wished. Study checklists included checklists for outpatient clinics, training rounds, morning reports, and journal club. The data were then analyzed by descriptive and analytical analysis. Results: In this study, 15 university professors, 95 interns and 60 externs participated. Of these, 8 were university professors in the field of neurology (53.3%) and 7 were university professors in the field of social medicine (46.7%). Among the interns, 48 interns in the neurology group (51.6%) and 47 interns (49.4%) in the social medicine group were studying. Externs were also studying in the neurology department. Average total score for neurology interns for training rounds was 7.92 (± 1.56) of 12 items ٫ for Morning 10.96 (± 1.76) out of 14 items, for clinic training 7.22 (± 2.75) of 14 items and was 3.39 (± 1.23) out of 5 items for Club Magazine. Average total score for neurology externs for training rounds of 15 items 10 10.97 (٫ 2.81) for clinic training out of 14 items 8.83 (± 3.31) and for journal club 3.72 ( ± 1.1) out of 5 items. The average total score for social medicine interns for clinic training was 8.09 (±2.28) out of 14 items. The study between different months in the training groups between the externs and interns showed that there was no significant difference in the scores of the checklists related to the educational rounds, morning, clinic training and journal club in different months (P <0.05 in all cases).en_US
dc.publisherTabriz University of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medicineen_US
dc.subjectOutpatient Clinicsen_US
dc.subjectEducational Roundsen_US
dc.subjectorning Reporten_US
dc.subjectJournal Cluben_US
dc.titleStudy Regarding the Clinical Education Standards in community Medicine and Family Department and Neurology Department of Medicine Faculty of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences-2019en_US
dc.contributor.supervisorBaradaran-binazir, Maryam
dc.contributor.supervisorYazdchi, Mohammad
dc.description.degreeM.D degreeen_US

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