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dc.contributor.authorPirouzpanah, S
dc.contributor.authorMahboob, S
dc.contributor.authorSanayei, M
dc.contributor.authorHajaliloo, M
dc.contributor.authorSafaeiyan, A
dc.description.abstractBackground: Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a joint inflammatory disease, which proinflammatory cytokines and oxidant spices accelerate inflammatory response in patients. Drugs and supplements which can modulate the inflammation can slow the disease progression, and minimize the joints destruction. Anti inflammatory eflect of Chamomile on severity of disease was measured by Disease Activity Score (DAS-28) tool in the study. Patients and method: Te study was a randomized, placebo-controlled, double blind clinical trial. Te participants were selected from Tabriz university rheumatology clinic clients. According to rheumatologist diagnosis, 44 patients have the inclusion criteria in this study which fulflled the American college of rheumatology (ACR-2010) criteria, were included.Te patients were randomized in two groups, receiving 6 g/day Chamomile tea as 2 teabags twice a day for 42 days or placebo teabags, containing as similar. DAS-28 as an identifed variable was calculated. For this, erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) was measured before and after the study. Also all the patients were clinically examined, in order to determine the tender joints and swollen joints number. Tey reported the pain by Visual Analogue Scale (VAS). Nutrition intake was measured at both times in order to minimize the cofounders. Results: Groups were matched at the beginning in demographic characteristics, such weight height, age and BMI. During the intervention BMI didn't change, but tender joints number and ESR changed signifcantly (P=0.000 and P=0.018, respectively). Conclusion: Tis study showed that Chamomile could decrease the inflammation similar to cell studies before. It can be a complementary treatment for RA patients. © 1885 Mattioli.
dc.relation.ispartofProgress in Nutrition
dc.subjectbody mass
dc.subjectclinical article
dc.subjectcontrolled study
dc.subjectdietary intake
dc.subjectdouble blind procedure
dc.subjecterythrocyte sedimentation rate
dc.subjectfluid intake
dc.subjectherbal tea
dc.subjectjoint swelling
dc.subjectrandomized controlled trial
dc.subjectrheumatoid arthritis
dc.subjectvisual analog scale
dc.titleThe effect ofchamomile tea consumption on inflammation among rheumatoid arthritis patients: Randomized clinical trial

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