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dc.contributor.authorMirza-Aghazadeh-Attari, M
dc.contributor.authorDarband, SG
dc.contributor.authorKaviani, M
dc.contributor.authorMihanfar, A
dc.contributor.authorAghazadeh Attari, J
dc.contributor.authorYousefi, B
dc.contributor.authorMajidinia, M
dc.description.abstractDNA damage response, a key factor involved in maintaining genome integrity and stability, consists of several kinase-dependent signaling pathways, which sense and transduce DNA damage signal. The severity of damage appears to determine DNA damage responses, which can include cell cycle arrest, damage repair and apoptosis. A number of recent studies have demonstrated that defection in signaling through this network is thought to be an underlying mechanism behind the development and progression of various types of human malignancies, including colorectal cancer. In this review, colorectal cancer and its molecular pathology as well as DNA damage response is briefly introduced. Finally, the involvement of key components of this network in the initiation/progression, prognosis, response to treatment and development of drug resistance is comprehensively discussed. é 2018
dc.relation.ispartofDNA Repair
dc.subjectATR protein
dc.subjectBRCA1 protein
dc.subjectcheckpoint kinase 1
dc.subjectcyclic AMP dependent protein kinase
dc.subjectcyclin dependent kinase inhibitor 1A
dc.subjectDNA topoisomerase (ATP hydrolysing)
dc.subjectdouble strand break repair protein MRE11
dc.subjectdouble stranded DNA
dc.subjecthistone H2AX
dc.subjectnucleic acid binding protein
dc.subjectphosphatidylinositol 3 kinase
dc.subjectphosphotransferase wee1
dc.subjectprotein Bax
dc.subjectprotein Noxa
dc.subjectprotein p16
dc.subjectprotein p53
dc.subjectprotein rad17
dc.subjectPUMA protein
dc.subjectRad50 protein
dc.subjectreplication factor A
dc.subjecttumor suppressor p53 binding protein 1
dc.subjectunclassified drug
dc.subjectcell cycle arrest
dc.subjectcell cycle checkpoint
dc.subjectcolorectal cancer
dc.subjectdisease severity
dc.subjectDNA damage response
dc.subjectDNA end joining repair
dc.subjectDNA repair
dc.subjectdouble stranded DNA break
dc.subjectexcision repair
dc.subjecthomologous recombination
dc.subjectpriority journal
dc.subjectprotein phosphorylation
dc.titleDNA damage response and repair in colorectal cancer: Defects, regulation and therapeutic implications

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