The School of Pharmacy, as the second pharmacy faculty in Iran after Tehran pharmacy school in 1328 Hejri Shamsi , was located at Tabriz Imam Khomeyni square and Ayatollah Taleghani Street ,was established to provide the country needs to pharmacist. This major change occurs when there was no pharmacy school in Tabriz and pharmacy personnels learn it experimently and finally reach the stage of dispensering . Permission to establish a pharmacy was given after passing the test which requires the literacy and knowing Latin language and dispenesring. Tabriz pharmacy faculty is established after student advertising admission. At the first reception, the number of students did not pass, But college starts first training cources with 25 students. After 2-year curriculum of courses, the speciality pharmaceutical topics were teached. Toxicology and jalinoosi products were as specialized courses. Later by the dean Department , Dear doctor Ismaiil Anghajy , basic steps were taken for developing the faculty. School of Pharmacy began its own activities with medicine school and gained independence in 1345.following the dissolution of the pharmacy schools in whole country in September 1347, a new school of pharmaceutical and clinical laboratory sciences began its own activities.The pharmacy faculty was established with the aim of training pharmacy students and drug experts to manage pharmacy, Pharmaceutical industry,economy of country and training experts to work in clinical laboratory and searching in pharmacy and the laboratory. The Department of Laboratory science was transferred Medicine faculty in 1351. The Nutrition school within Tabriz Pharmacy Faculty began its academic activities with 39 students in 1353 and with the establishment of the health and nutrition school it was separated from pharmacy faculty in 1370. The new building for the School of Pharmacy started with an area of ​​17,000 square meters in 1386. Tabriz School of Pharmacy has more than 3000 pharmacy graduated is delivered to our country that many of them , have been efficient and effective rules in Pharmaceutical Science. currently Tabriz School of Pharmacy consists of 7 Department of Pharmaceutic, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Clinical Pharmacy and Food and Drug Control. Faculty Education departments and physical facilities with high knowledge of professors tries to through training programs, basic and applied researches and provide services , solve problems with use of a pharmacy modern knowledge and Significant contribution in scientific development of their own country. Training courses for PhD students starts in field of Pharmacognosy in Tabriz school of pharmacy . now 62 PhD students are studing in Tabriz Pharmacy faculty in the field of Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Toxicology, Biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food and drug control. Tabriz Pharmacy school is located at the heart of the city where the science and art were born. preserved old town in the vicinity of modern development, its proximity to the Shahand mountain that always carrying snow and Uromiye lake and ... causes the city unforgettable for students who live and study in it.

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