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dc.contributor.authorNoshad, H
dc.contributor.authorArgani, H
dc.contributor.authorNezami, N
dc.contributor.authorGhojazadeh, M
dc.contributor.authorZomorrodi, A
dc.contributor.authorBohlouli, A
dc.contributor.authorBonyadi, MR
dc.contributor.authorFakhrjou, A
dc.contributor.authorGhorbanihaghjo, A
dc.contributor.authorGharedaghi, A
dc.contributor.authorJavadzadegan, H
dc.contributor.authorSadreddini, S
dc.description.abstractInstruction. We investigated the correlation between atherosclerosis and tissue and serum levels of endothelin-1 in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). MATERIALS AND METHODS. Arterial samples were obtained from 35 patients with CKD during arteriovenous fistula placement. Thirty-one patients with cardiovascular disease who underwent coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) were selected as the atherosclerotic group, and a piece of their aorta punched during CABG was obtained. Also, a small piece of the renal artery was dissected during donation in 24 kidney donors (control group). Tissue endothelin-1 level was measured and atherosclerosis grading was determined by pathologic examination. Serum levels of endothelin-1 were also measured in the three groups. Results. The mean tissue endothelin-1 levels were 10.73+/-7.57 pg/mL, 12.16 +/- 3.95 pg/mL, and 0.93 +/- 1.06 pg/mL in the patients with CKD, those with CABG, and donors, respectively (P < .001). The mean serum endothelin-1 level was 25.23 +/- 15.15 pg/mL in the patients with CKD, 21.13 +/- 17.22 pg/mL in the patients with CABG, and 2.66 +/- 1.51 pg/mL in the donors (P < .001). Atherosclerosis grades correlated with tissue endothelin-1 level (r = 0.823, P < .001) and serum endothelin-1 level (r = 0.608, P < .001) in the patients with CKD. Multiple regression analysis showed tissue endothelin-1 level as the main predicting factor of atherosclerosis (P < .001). CONCLUSIONS. Tissue endothelin-1 concentration is more important than serum endothelin-1 or lipids levels in prediction of atherosclerosis. Thus, blockade of tissue endothelin-1 receptors with its antagonists may prevent atherosclerosis progression.
dc.relation.ispartofIranian journal of kidney diseases
dc.subjectArteriovenous Shunt, Surgical
dc.subjectCase-Control Studies
dc.subjectCohort Studies
dc.subjectKidney Failure, Chronic
dc.subjectMiddle Aged
dc.subjectRenal Dialysis
dc.subjectRisk Factors
dc.titleArterial atherosclerosis in patients with chronic kidney disease and its relationship with serum and tissue endothelin-1. [corrected].

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