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dc.contributor.authorSales, JG
dc.contributor.authorSoleymaopour, J
dc.contributor.authorSadeghpour, A
dc.contributor.authorSharifi, S
dc.contributor.authorRouhani, S
dc.contributor.authorGoldust, M
dc.description.abstractAlthough the fractures of femoral neck are not so common, their accompanying complications are more frequent and important. This research aims at studying the results of reverse triangle screw fixation in patients suffering from femoral neck fractures in two groups with perfect and imperfect position of the mentioned screw. In a cohort study, 51 patients with femoral neck fracture appointed for the so-called reverse triangle screw fixation were divided into two perfect and imperfect groups considering surgeon comment on position of the screws. The patients were followed up for 12 months and the resulted outcomes were compared. There were 34 patients in the perfect group with mean age of 48.7 +/- 18.6 (18-80) and 17 patients in the imperfect group with mean age of 50.4 +/- 15.9 (19-80) years old. Both groups were the same considering underlying causes and fraction grades. The overall frequency of nonunion and avascular necrosis was 7.8 and 3.9%, respectively. These rates were 2.9 and 0% in the perfect group and 17.6 and 12.5% in the imperfect group, respectively (p > 0.05). The mean Harris hip score and motion range of the hip at different directions in the perfect group were substantially higher than those of the imperfect one. According to present results, position of the screws determined by the surgeon after operating the reverse triangle screw fixation in femoral neck fractures may significantly affect the prognosis of patients.
dc.relation.ispartofPakistan journal of biological sciences : PJBS
dc.subjectBone Screws
dc.subjectFemoral Neck Fractures
dc.subjectInternal Fixators
dc.subjectMiddle Aged
dc.titleEfficacy of reverse triangle screw fixation in patients suffering from femoral neck fractures.

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