Nowadays, one of the main challenges of the health system is health system management that affects the rest of health sections. To achieve the 20- year vision of health sectors indicators There aren’t any way other than careful, scientific and evidence based planning and just institutes and colleges can do these tasks by educating and training efficient staffs for managing of the health systems . In this context, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, with experts in the Health Services Management, Medical Records (Health Information Technology), Medical librarianship and Information and Medical Informatics Departments, announced its readiness to establish the School of Medical Management and Information sciences . After approval of the Supreme Council of Universities Expansion in 1391(2012), The school was established at the site of the School of Health & Nutrition and its activities officially started from 1392 Farvardin (2013 March), with the displacement of Medical Records (Health Information Technology) and Medical librarianship and information sciences Departments from the Faculty of Paramedicine and the Health Services Management and Medical Informatics Department from the Faculty of Health & Nutrition. The school currently consists of four Department of Health Services Management with undergraduate, masters and PhD education programme, Medical Librarianship and Information Sciences with master's degree programme, Medical Records and Health Information Technology with undergraduate and master’s programme. The school can play a vital role in improving and promotion of the health management system.

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