The paramedical faculty of Tabriz was established in 1986 by tranferring the fields of laboratory sciences and radiology from the from the medical faculty and also Anastasia field from the Nursing and midwifery faculty of Tabriz the Department and the library of Hematology. Then the medical documents (documentation), and medical Libertarianship and informative fields of studies were gradually included in this faculty. The facilities : the facilities provided in faculty include the hematology Department and laboratory. The well equipped Laboratory of Anesasthesia for Academic Trainings. The Computer Champer to educate computer in an academic way in all levels, Library with Medical and nor medical books with different backgrounds and the variety of publications. Radiology which regularly provide the necessary Services to the students. The department of Basic sciences (non-medical) is also located in this faculty which provide the different departments of the university with Persian literature, and English language, and statistics courses. The museum of medical sciences university est ablished few years ago is also connected to this faculty.

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