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      Keywords: Adolescent, Life skills, Status of smoking, Intention of smoking. [1]
      Keywords: Adolescent, Need, Self-care, Cancer survivor, Scale development. [1]
      Keywords: Adoption, Nursing education, Sociocultural theory, Educational strategies. [1]
      Keywords: Adverse effects, Vitamins, Contraceptives, Oral, Combined, Continuation rate [1]
      Keywords: Aged care home, Older people, Transition, Grounded theory [1]
      Keywords: Aging, Physical stimulation, Quality of life, Fall efficacy [1]
      Keywords: Anemia, Socio-individual characteristic, Pregnant women. [1]
      Keywords: Anxiety death, Depressive death, Coping style, Coronary disease [1]
      Keywords: Anxiety, Depression, Lifestyle, Pregnancy, Postpartum [1]
      Keywords: Anxiety, Depression, Myocardial infarction, Hospitalization, After discharge, Coronary care unit. [1]
      Keywords: Anxiety, Fear of childbirth, Beck's counselling method, Childbirth experience, Delivery satisfaction [1]
      Keywords: Anxiety, Hospitalization child, parents. [1]
      Keywords: Anxiety, Nursing visit, Randomized controlled study, Surgery. [1]
      Keywords: Anxiety, Pain, Aromatherapy, Burn, Randomized clinical trial [1]
      Keywords: Anxiety, Pain, Music therapy, Aromatherapy, General surgery [1]
      Keywords: Anxiety, Perceived stress, Depression, Mindfulness-Based Intervention, Perinatal period. [1]
      Keywords: Anxiety, Postpartum, Breast Crawl. [1]
      Keywords: Anxiety, Pregnancy, Journal Therapy, Emotional Expressiveness, Sleep Quality. [1]
      Keywords: Anxiety, Self-esteem, Depression, Postpartum, Peer support. [1]
      Keywords: Apoptosis; Probiotics; Ovarian cancer; Vaginal flora [1]