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      Key words: Interferential, Massage therapy, Pain, Childbirth satisfaction, Active phase. [1]
      Keywords: Cultural Competence, Cultural Knowledge, Cultural Awareness, Cultural Encounters, Cultural Desire. [1]
      Keywords: Hot flashes, Sleep disorder, Acupressure, Exercise, Breast cancer [1]
      Keywords: Job Satisfaction, Nurses [1]
      Keywords: Knowledge attitude, Practice, Cervical cancer prevention, Methods of education. [1]
      Keywords: Management, Satisfaction, Congestion, Emergency, Nursing, Pain, [1]
      Keywords: Medication Belief, Social support, Medication adherence, Coronary angioplasty [1]
      Keywords: Pelvic floor, Muscle training, Female sexual function, Muscle strength, Pregnancy, Postpartum [1]
      Keywords: Schizophrenia, Families, Nurses compliance with medication regimen ,View point. [1]
      Keywords: Abdominal massage, Non-nutritive sucking, Preterm infants [1]
      Keywords: Abundance, Complementary medicine, Knowledge, Attitude, Chronic diseases [1]
      Keywords: Academic burnout, Leisure, Satisfaction, Nursing students. [1]
      Keywords: Acceptance of Disease, Chronic Heart Failure (CHF), Medication Adherence, Quality of Life (41) [1]
      Keywords: Achillea Wilhelmsii, dysmenorrhea, Mefenamic acid, double –blind, cross over. [1]
      Keywords: Acupressure, Sanyinjiao, Hegu, SP6, Labor pain, Delivery length, Nulliparous women. [1]
      Keywords: Adaptation, Mother, Deaf child, Qualitative research, Grounded theory [1]
      Keywords: Adaptation, Nurse, Pre-hospital Emergency Care service, Grounded theory [1]
      Keywords: Adolescence, Teenage marriage, Intimate partner violence, Quality of life, Depression. [1]
      Keywords: Adolescent girls, Knowledge, Practice, Puberty hygiene [1]
      Keywords: Adolescent pregnant women; Health practices; Strategy; Mixed-method design [1]