Tabriz Nursing and Midwifery Faculty, the first nursing training institute in Iran, Founded in 1917 as a scientific centre of the American Mission Hospital. This institute was training nursing students until 1971 when it merged with TABRIZ University. Also Midwifery program founded in 1966 and began to train students in midwifery major. In 1976 the old nurse training system was revised and new academic education system replaced the previous one. It was 1996 that the faculty managed to admit nursing students in PhD program as a first one in Iran. Nowadays the faculty has got 650 students in BSc programs in all three Nursing, Midwifery and operation room technician majors. Also 298 students in MSc programs 7 majors which 5 of them are related to nursing such as (Medical-Surgical nursing, Children nursing, Psychiatric nursing, Community health nursing and Neonatal nursing) and other 2 major are related to midwifery such as (Midwifery consultant and Midwifery with 4 sub-majors named Midwifery education, Reproductive health, Community based Midwifery and Management). Also 28 students are studying in nursing PhD program in this faculty.

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